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2022 Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Innovation Summit

April 12th, 2022 New York, New York

Applying AI to Disrupt Inequity Within Healthcare

Under the theme of “Applying AI to Disrupt Inequity Within Healthcare,” the Healthcare AI Innovation Summit brought together over 220 industry leaders with the goal of generating collaboration and partnerships among healthcare, venture capital, technology, and academia, to address and tangibly improve entrenched and longstanding inequities in healthcare.


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Introducing Ascertain

April 12, 2022

2022 Healthcare AI Innovation Summit - Welcome Remarks

April 12, 2022

Speaker: Tom Manning (Chairman, Ascertain)

Painting a View of the Future of Healthcare AI

April 12, 2022

Speaker: Michael Dowling (President and CEO, Northwell Health)

Using AI and Business Model Innovation to Tackle Health Inequity

April 12, 2022

Moderator: Dr. Melynda Barnes, MD (CMO, Ro)

Speaker: Glen Tullman (CEO, Transcarent)

Investing in AI to Shape the Future of Healthcare

April 12, 2022

Moderator: John Beadle (Managing Partner, Aegis Ventures)

Moderator: Richard Mulry (President and CEO, Northwell Holdings)

Speaker: Annie Lamont (Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Oak HC/FT)

Speaker: Aike Ho (Partner, ACME)

Speaker: Laura Veroneau (Partner, Optum Ventures)

Speaker: Dr. Justin Larkin, MD (Partner, a16z)

Speaker: Dr. Sunny Kumar, MD (Partner, GSR Ventures)

AI on the Frontline: Challenges and Opportunities

April 12, 2022

Moderator: Jessica Lamb (Partner, McKinsey & Company)

Speaker: Dr. Mark Michalski, MD (Amazon Worldwide Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences, AI/ML Business Development group)

The Need to Address Inequities Within Healthcare

April 12, 2022

Speaker: Dr. Lucy Perez, PhD (Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company)

Speaker: Dr. Melvin Mezue, MD (Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company)

How Stakeholder Collaboration is Key to Mitigating AI Bias

April 12, 2022

Moderator: Dr. Anas El Turabi, MD PhD (Partner, McKinsey & Company)

Speaker: Mark Solazzo (President, Strategic Initiatives and Chief Operating Officer, Northwell Health)

Speaker: Alan Murray (President & CEO, Empire BlueCross BlueShield at Anthem)

Speaker: Dr. Shahram Ebadollahi, PhD (Global Head of Data Science and AI, Novartis)

Speaker: Alissa (Hsu) Lynch (Global Lead of MedTech Strategy & Solutions, Google)

2022 Healthcare AI Innovation Summit - Concluding Remarks

April 12, 2022

Speaker: Dr. David Feinberg, MD (President and CEO, Cerner)

Closing Keynote

April 12, 2022

Speaker: Tom Manning (Chairman, Ascertain)

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© 2022 — ASCERTAIN