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Ascertain is a revolutionary new partnership between Northwell Health and Aegis Ventures to systematically launch healthcare AI companies at scale.

About Us

Ascertain combines leading medical, technology, data, and business resources in a first-of-its-kind company creation platform that addresses healthcare’s most challenging quality, equity, and cost problems.

Our shared goal is to address health disparities and inequities. We believe everyone deserves access to high-quality, affordable healthcare and we are committed to discovering new ways to deliver better care and outcomes for all.

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Ascertain creates and launches compelling next-generation AI-enabled health technology companies that advance healthcare outcomes at scale. By placing patient needs at the center of every business model, technology solution, and product we develop, our companies improve quality of care, patient experience, and longstanding health inequities – creating a virtuous cycle of positive healthcare and commercial impact.

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How We Collaborate

Northwell provides top-of-funnel access to clinical leadership, data, research and insight into healthcare’s challenges. Aegis and Northwell leadership teams partner to better assess and understand problems across the healthcare sector, to inform ideas for new businesses.

Northwell provides bottom-of-funnel product testing, iteration and commercialization opportunities. With direct access to Northwell’s key opinion leaders, massive data sets, and real-world application, Ascertain can quickly validate these ideas.

Together, we shorten the wide feedback loop between testing and implementation which many health tech startups face, leveraging Aegis’s interdisciplinary approach to build solutions faster.

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Leaders and Advisors

Ascertain’s leadership team has a proven track record in venture creation, commercialization, and investments in healthcare AI. Our combined data and business expertise enables us to build transformative healthcare AI companies.

373 Park Ave South, New York, NY 10016

© 2022 — ASCERTAIN

© 2022 — ASCERTAIN