Bringing the future to healthcare.

We leverage automation technology and AI agents to transform healthcare providers and payors’ enterprise operations.

About Us

Ascertain seamlessly integrates cutting-edge AI technology, robust data analytics, and strategic business resources to confront the most formidable administrative and operational hurdles in healthcare. 

Our foundation is fortified by a close partnership with New York's largest healthcare system, ensuring an unparalleled understanding of the intricate dynamics within the industry

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Ascertain was founded on the promise that cutting-edge developments in artificial intelligence, when paired with a deep understanding of healthcare, can fundamentally transform medicine and create a more equitable healthcare future.

Ascertain is committed to achieving this goal by transforming healthcare operations, removing payor-provider friction and streamlining patient care journeys.

Our Belief

Our advanced tech-enabled solution proactively addresses operational inefficiencies at scale. Powered by an LLM core, we deploy AI-agents and generative AI outputs to create seamless data exchange and communication flows, effectively eliminating historical pain points from workflows. 

What distinguishes our solution is its exceptional flexibility making it adaptable and highly cost-effective across various service lines, enabling the optimization of operational performance throughout the entire organization.

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Our Team

Ascertain identifies the best operators to execute our mission. We're building a stellar interdisciplinary team of healthcare, technical, and business experts.

373 Park Ave South, New York, NY 10016

© 2024 — ASCERTAIN

© 2024 — ASCERTAIN